Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 28

To print or to label. Martek has the options The range of options for outer case For marking porous substrates, the marking has never been better. The APLINK MRX modular system allows usual decision between print-and- up to four 72mm high printheads apply labelling and high-definition to be driven from one controller. inkjet printing has been broadened by The 10.1” touch screen provides an the addition of UV-curing inkjet case intuitive interface for printer set up coders. The APLINK UVX system from and control and enables interfacing United Barcode Systems offers a with ERP and MRP systems to viable solution for printing onto non- receive or send data. For simple porous surfaces such as clay-coated applications requiring a single 72mm cartons, shrink-wrap and varnished printhead, the latest addition to materials. the APLINK range, the APLINK LCX offers a cost-effective, compact of technologies and advise of the relative merits of each. The Ventus print-and-apply range includes models for labelling the APLINK UVX uses up to four 72mm solution. The self-contained design high printheads each with integrated incorporates the printhead, ink UV LED curing to instantly dry ink system and touch screen controller in the corner of cartons. Labels can be by polymerisation. Text, graphics, a single compact unit. applied using tamp, blow, swing-arm barcodes and 2D codes can be side, front or back of packs as well as models to apply labels around or roll on applicators using standard printed at up to 180 x 720dpi The choice between direct printing or customised modules. A choice of resolution with line speeds up to and applying labels comes down to a print engines can be used with up to 60m/min. Polymer-based inks ensure number of factors including product 600dpi resolution. printheads do not dry up during handling, throughput, substrate, breaks in production and require costs and ecological considerations. Martek Industries Ltd Coding & virtually no ongoing maintenance. By offering both inkjet and labelling labelling specialists systems, Martek can offer a choice 28 FDPP -