Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 22

Chemical Free Water & Surface Disinfection A-Zone Technologies, a Bristol based manufacturer is leading the way to a cleaner future and believe in pushing the water and surface disinfection market forward. Using state of the art chemical free technologies to bring cleaner and safer environments to you. 100% Elimination of reliance and spend on chemicals can be achieved with A-Zone Technologies’ range of products. UV Submersible lamps and reactors can clean and treat both stored and inline water systems. Electrolytic ozone and corona discharge are offered ensuring any volume of water is treatable and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to; • Process Treatments • Packaging & Bottling • Surface Disinfection • Produce Washing and Rinsing • Brewing • Line Cleaning • Dairy Production Facilities Ozonated water can be used to The ability to set and monitor wash both whole and cut produce. parameters means that units can Promoting longer shelf life and email and text if anything was to a reduction in waste without go wrong allowing you to react having that smell associated with immediately, minimising shut down chlorine. A-Zone have helped many and reducing waste. organisations improve their processes Using diamond electrodes, the A-Zone and products as well as saving a Ozone Unit can disinfect water with variety of costs and eliminated risks just a small amount of electricity. around chemical storage, handling Generating ozone “from water, [[[˂]\'KKVۙHX\HZ[܈B\X܈Y\[ܙY[\]\KX[H\H]Y]]B]\[H\[Hۙ][ۈXYH܈Xܙ[[]ܚX]\\\H[[YYX][K[H[X[ ][YHX\Hۈ[Hق\ L [Y\\\X[[ܚ[KޛۙH[[ۛۈ\\\X\XK[H[[YH[X]\œ\X\\YYHYK H˙ ˝Zž[\]\]X[]K]\[\YK\[\H[]Y]X[]Z[XBۛ[KX\H[[[BX\XH[[H۝YB[]\KX\H۝XKVۙH\\[\\]Z\[Y[[][H^Z[^H[[[H[ݙH\HX[\[ܙY[\]\H[XZ[][]H[YH[YKKVۙHXY\[X\Yܝ\H\\̌  LH ͍ [^ۙ]XY\˘˝Z˘^ۙ]XY\˘˝Z