Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 16 2018 - Page 19

R Conveyor and Chain Lubrication Solutions for Food & Beverage Applications... Reducing high levels of friction on conveyor chains through continuous lubrication prevents excessive chain wear, reduces higher energy consumption and limits unplanned downtime. In most plants lubrication is applied manually so that the chains can continue in motion without stopping production. Downtime presents environmental problems related to possible oil spillages which increase the risk of injury to operators who tend to lubricate whilst the chain is in motion. Irregular and inadequate lubrication cycles can also lead to breaks in the chain or links which increase the likelihood of costly chain replacements. Bijur Delimon offer the complete solution with a range of automatic oil or grease lubrication systems for conveyor chains, with or without air. Our customised systems are controlled and monitored via bespoke control units and intelligent software to ensure chains operate at the optimum level whilst providing a safe, environmentally friendly process. Our portfolio of conveyor and chain lubrication products include 7G&V6&WB"֗r&67G&V6V6 3W"T4bV'&6F"V$F2V&VVfG37&V6R6fW"6W'f6RƖfRF&Vv&VGV7Fb6vV VW&w6fw2F&VvFV7&V6VBg&7FआvW"&GV7FfG'VƖ֖FrFRVVB&GV7FFvFRf"V'&6FF60w&VFW"W&F"6fWGF2FFRWFFbFRV'&6F&6W70&WGFW"&W7V7BbFRVf&VB&W7VFrg&6G&VBB&VGV6VBV'&6B67VFFVâCBC3"3cSVâf&W&FVƖ6Vwwr&W&FVƖ6Ф$D4ĔpFW"&V2bWW'F6R2RB0&6W726Ɩr77FV2b6WF3Wf&FfR6ƖrFvW'07&G&Vv6ƖrVV677FV0VB&V6fW'77FV0g&VR6Ɩp6G&77FV2vF$2FVw&Ff"&Rf&FV6R6F7CCBC3"3cSf&F6Ɩr6Чwwr&F6Ɩr6Х$4DT4U%B$4DT$B$DU%t2EU5E$U5DDRU$Td$BU$Td$E4$R#"d"TCC3"3cS46琤G&26ƖrGVW0G'"6W'0"bvFW"6VB6W'0vǖ6Fg&VWRfVB6WF0F&F2( n( 6W'0