Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 8

Pre-Planned Chiller Hire Preserves Stored Food Pre-planned Plant Upgrade During the past decade many organisa- tions operating chilled and cold stores have had to implement planned mainte- nance programmes for a R22 refrigerant swap out or consider a more costly option of investing in totally new plant. New equipment using HCFC refrigerants like R22 were banned from 2001 (or 2004 for small air-conditioning systems) and since 1st January 2010 the use of virgin HCFCs to service and maintain existing refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) equipment was also banned in all EU Member States. From 1st January this year it has been illegal to use any HCFCs to service RAC equipment, hence recycled or reclaimed HCFC may no longer be used. The major food chain distributor had carefully pre-planned for closure of its’ in-house cooling plant and taken positive When a major food distribution warehouse prove to be the perfect solution these self– needed to upgrade its in-house chiller it contained chillers supplied ready-to-run. called upon the services of one to the UK’s The main advantage of Andrews Chiller leading chiller hire companies, Andrews Fast Chill 90 units is their portability. Chiller Hire, to provide an alternative precautions by discussing their situation with chiller hire experts, Andrews Chiller Hire, to ensure food stock would not degrade. On the scheduled date Andrews delivered and installed a total of ten Fast solution that would keep warehouse It meant quick and easily temporary instal- Chill 90 Low Temperature Chillers to keep temperatures at a safe level for preserving lation, providing 100kW of cooling at -10 o C the warehouse at the required tempera- stored food. to ensure stock did not degrade during a ture until maintenance work was complet- schedule plant shutdown. ed. 365 day access to specialist engineering All FC90 units were placed at a high level The simplicity and speed of installation of staff that will advise and offer solutions to within the storage area and connected to the Fast Chill hire range makes it ideal for maintaining room temperature, whether it a bank of exterior heat exchangers to dis- many applications especially in the food is an office environment issue, a produc- sipate the extracted heat to atmosphere. and beverage sector, spec