Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 58

PROVEN QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND ACCURACY Introducing Bijur Delimon AIR-OIL Lubrication Systems for Food and Beverage Applications... R The OIL STREAK Air-Oil system delivers high efficiency lubrication for fast moving oven chains and other applications that require accurate oil deliveries, in combination with air flow. The Air-Oil unit is versatile and allows multiple configurations from 1-8 outlets to enable system design for a wide variety of applications. This new, innovative Air-Oil system replaces all brands of mist lubricators by lubricating with a fine Air-Oil mix with lower air consumption that eliminates oil fog. The OIL STREAK Air-Oil system comprises the SureFire II Lubricator which is available with an on/off timer (no monitoring), or a controller (monitors oil level and pressure switches) making it easy to adjust lubrication cycles for bakery chain conveyors. Typical systems include four outlet Air-Oil blocks with four application nozzles. If required additional Air-Oil blocks and application nozzles can be added to the system. SureFire II Lubricator Oil Streak Generator Bespoke Application Nozzles All systems are available with full turnkey installation by an experienced, in-house installati