Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 53

Flegg Projects & Installation Services – providing ongoing support to the innovative UK packaging sector Keeping abreast of the latest technolo- gies and development is as vital in the packaging sector as it is in any sector. So when a leading packaging manufac- turer across over 30 countries, identified a specialised packaging production machine, it was to become the ‘first of its kind’ in the UK. With such a heavy investment, there were inevitable concerns about the ins- tallation process, which would require hundreds of separate lifts with some in excess of 22,000 kgs. There were also natural concerns over the ability for the working factory to maintain its high production levels. Two key decisions, or imperatives, were taken that would have a great impact on the project’s outcome - the first was to commission Flegg Projects to undertake the installation, and the se- cond to keep the plant fully functioning at all times. Like in any business, any downtown in production would affect the bottom line. A challenge indeed but for Flegg Projects, with their experience of relo- cating and installing heavy machinery, the project was ‘business as usual’ in some respects. Every project is of course different and Flegg treats them as unique but common to all installa- tion projects is the need for informed planning, superb project management, clear communications and adequate resource. This installation was a com- plex undertaking, as the factory had to remain fully operational, and it involved several onsite contractors, across a times. With critical timings projects range of disciplines. such as this packaging installation The project was successfully delive- cannot be let down by equipment. red in phases over a duration of six The result - a safe installation and months. Constant communication factory productivity levels were main- was needed between Flegg’s project tained. The client was delighted with management team and the client’s Flegg Projects’ performance and with in-house team to ensure that working their new machine, which has been patterns and key timeline targets set contributing to their business, chur- out in the plan were achieved. ning out product 24/7. Flegg Projects used their expertise Want to know more about Flegg Pro- and knowledge to offload and unpack jects or you have a factory relocation equipment from third party vehicles or removal need? and provide engineering support to the machine supplier to assist with the mechanical assembly. The selection of moving and lifting equipment required included versalifts, vehicle-mounted cranes, counterbalance forklifts and MEWPS – all provided from their own Contact us via Email Visit us at Follow us on LinkedIn to view our latest work or connect our Commercial Director: Mark Marshall well-maintained fleet. Having invested 0845 458 4958 heavily over the past few years in all of the equipment they use regularly, Flegg Projects are sure that it’s in top condition and fully operational at all FDPP - 53