Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 46

Ramping up the design and technology of vehicle access ramps Photo: sara ramps are made with a 100% safety factor, so there is no need to choose oversized models to ensure safe operation. It’s fair to say that one of the most Whether bespoke or standard design, loading all types of heavy plant: from important features of low loaders and ramps are safety critical devices. This agricultural machinery to multi-axle other commercial vehicles is the access is especially true when you consider cranes. ramp, without which it would be near that they may be required to support impossible to load mobile plant, pallets a five-tonne tractor as it is being and many other cargoes that are too winched onto a low loader. As well as heavy to lift. Good quality, long lasting the strength to take such loads, safety available in multiple width and length ramps are carefully designed to meet a features have to be incorporated into options and can also be made to indivi- multitude of needs and are engineered the design, including side barriers to dual length requirements. The flexibility to withstand the rigours of life on the prevent the load from sliding off if it ensures that any degree of incline can road. is misaligned and non-slip surfaces be accommodated. VFR ramps are on the vehicle tracks. They might also available in a variety of standard end include anchor points, landing feet fixings to suit most trailers and can be and adjustable end flaps that ensure a adapted to specific requirements. In smooth entry onto the ramp. short, VFRs can be used with any type It is natural that loading ramps are often taken for gr [Y^H\HX\B\H[\H\\[X\ۂ܈\\[\X][KܚY[[H\YۙY܈Y[KB[XXX[\K[\\BوY[܈X[Y[Y\\’]\Y[H\H^Z[܈XKH\\HXY[Y\[\Z[[\[]\[\ܝ[]Z[XHRZXH\]ܜ\H[\[]\X][ۜ[\YۈH\H[\ˈ\X]KYKHH[[Z[][Hٚ[\[[B[X[YX\[[]HH\XH[[Z[][H[\\Y[][[\XۈH\ܛX[H]X[]KH[\H[\܈X\H\H\YXH]Y\[[[[XX[]H[Y]HوHX ]\YX\[Y\[H[Hو^\ˈ[ܝ[] [YH\\[\Y\X]Y\\HH\H\YۙY[\[XZH L  ]\ZKH\H[\X[YX\\XY\B[\\HYX[Y[؈\Y[\H\[ۜ[]Z[KHH\\\Yۈ\\Y[ \BX\Y\KXZ[H[\Z]XH܈[\[ۜ[Hܚۈ[\B  H˙ ˝Z˜[\˂X[H[[^\Z]XX[YY