Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 41

Innovators of natural flavour launch sugar alternative Expert natural flavour creators, Omega Ingredients Limited launch their mo- dern replacement for sugar, signalling a new frontier for natural sweeteners across the globe. ΩMegaSweet® is a 100% natu- ral offering created by biochemist Steve Pearce, an expert with years of experience in this field. This unique calorie-free natural flavour system allows for unprecedented genuine ‘mouth-feel’ and the indulgent taste of sucrose with zero after-taste, a result that is impossible to achieve through the use of traditional sugar alternatives. ge s faced by the beverage industry ahead of the sugar tax.” commented “Since the announcement of the su- co-founder Steve Pearce. gar tax, scheduled to come into play Omega Ingredients mega in March 2018, global brands have One of the biggest appeals to ma- begun to search for ways of reducing nufacturers is that ΩMegaSweet® the sugar content across their ranges. offers the opportunity for clean labe- When you replace natural sugars with lling on the ingredients declaration artificial sweeteners, you don’t just as “Natural Flavouring” rather than lose the sweetness, you also sacrifice an artificial sweetener. As well as de- Award Winning Creators of Specialist ‘mouth-feel’, which often creates a livering on mouth-feel it can also be bitter or even astringent after-taste. Natural Flavours, Natural Fragrances & used to boost the flavour profile of All of these facts combined can lead the finished product and tailored to to a drastically different product, carry notes such as citrus, cola or any which may be alien to consumers. botanical blend the client requires. That’s why we have designed ΩMe- gaSweet® - to combat the challen- INGREDIENTS Natural Ingredients for Manufacturers of Food, Flavour, Fragrance, Beverage & Cosmetics Products Worldwide. FDPP - 41