Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 39

Altra Industrial Motion provides power transmission solutions for the food and beverage industry Tightened federal regulations regar- vative designs to meet the more ding food safety and hygiene in food stringent demands. Blending trusted processing and beverage industries 700 Series worm gearing with an has forced producers to continue innovative exterior design, the to adapt their equipment to meet stainless steel 700 series has been those changing requirements. The optimized to withstand the harshest areas in production facilities where washdown conditions. drive systems are located are often the areas that have the most strin- gent requirements for hygiene and sanitation, due to their proximity to which also succeeds in meeting the newer federal regulations, is desig- ned to meet the special demands of Whatever challenges the integrity ments and meets the IE4 efficiency of your drive system, Altra has a so- requirement. These motors have lution for you. The family of gearing smooth surfaces and no cooling fins, & motor products manufactured by corners or holes where bacteria can Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor collect. This makes cleaning easy include varying degrees of protec- and allows liquid residues to drain tion against the harsh elements off completely. of microbial contamination and bacterial growth in hygiene sensitive Bauer Gear Motor’s AsepticDrive, the food product. increasingly used in the prevention WRITTEN BY ALTRA MOTION food processing washdown environ- As the leading Innovators in Gearing & Gear Motor Technology, Boston space saving integral geared motor solutions. The varying drive system products offered are designed not only for harsh-duty washdown typi- cally located at or above the food product, but also for applications where hygiene and clean-ability are of upmost importance. Learn more about what Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor has to offer by visiting www.AltraFoo- environments. Gear and Bauer Gear Motor provi- The Boston Gear 700 Series Worm helical gear drives together with Gear Speed Reducer has been a helical, bevel and parallel shaft Gearing & Motor Solutions for the foundation in food and beverage gear motors. Boston Gear products Food and Beverage Industry applications for decades. As a leader enable flexible motor assembly in worm gear technology, Boston independent of the manufacturer, Washdown Gear Drives & Gear Gear continues to improve product while the gear motor solutions from Motors for the Food & Beverage performance by developing inno- Bauer Gear Motor provide compact Industry de a full complement of worm and or view the following supporting Literature: FDPP - 39