Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 37

Applying grease to various machine control up to six EDL1 zones, expan- parts and conveyor belt rolling bea- dable to nine using an add-on module. rings, this system delivers lubricant to The user-programmable unit can count 3,000 points across 90 zones in two events after which a lubricating cycle halls, all supplied by just three drum is executed, or the user can configure a pumps feeding the main distribution time-based cycle, with interim lubri- lines. The degree of control provided by cations being entered either locally or SKF’s system enables fast and flexible remotely. adjustment of lubricant timings and quantities, as well as a useful indicator Whatever the size or design of machine of fault conditions. Erdinger has enjoyed or plant, SKF has the products and re- higher system availability as a result, sources to help extend bearing life and as well as a reduction in its lubricant maximise machine uptime while mini- consumption. mising manpower hours, maintenance costs and environmental impact. Of course, not all automated lubricating systems are as large and complex as Erdinger’s, and SKF has solutions scaled to meet the needs of much smaller operations. The SKF LMC 301 modular controller, for example, can monitor and FDPP - 37