Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 33

on casual, temporary or seasonal worker exploitation and abuse which government, trade unions and contracts; and the lack of has fallen mainly on EU-migrant educators to develop an integrated information with which to inform workers – it should be a priority workforce strategy for the future.” policy and debate. to make sure such practices are eliminated from food supply. The co-authors recommend a new manufacturing is a hugely important “It is a time for a re-think of food take into account local and regional economic sector, yet is struggles manufacturing labour markets. employment needs and encompass Dr Heasman said: “Food under downward costs pressures from supermarkets and a need to develop higher level skills to ensure “While many individual food companies provide good its future success. workplaces, the potential labour “The industry has also been shown calls for a collaborative approach to have a dark side with examples of and leadership from business, crunch in food manufacturing collaborative approach that should the needs of smaller and medium- sized companies that comprise the majority of food businesses – with developing workers with the skills to innovate for a more sustainable and healthier food supply top of the list. FDPP - 33