Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017 - Page 12

Martor safety knives - metal detectable for use in high risk environments WRITTEN BY MARTOR MARTOR is the leading global player for safety knives, bringing innovative solutions with unmatched quality and reliability. In 1976 it was MARTOR who created the first semi-automatic safety knife and in the subsequent 40 years the company has focussed on making workplace cutting safer and more secure than ever. Based in Solingen, (the centre of German steel making excellence), the range inclu- des more than 100 safety knives and over 200 blades, all designed to make cutting safer. Knives are used throughout logistics, detectors and X-ray machines. The sensitive and accurate calibration, we warehousing and most production li- knives are made of unpainted metal, recommend using the MARTOR MDP nes. Too often overlooked, in fact they metal detectable plastic and stainless test cards. This is a set of 5 cards with are essential to the smooth running of steel blades. All are certified by the different sized MDP plastic balls, from an operation. The standard fixed blade German TÜV institute. 2.5mm to 8mm in size, which can be knife is more dangerous than people passed though detectors to set the recognise – an unprotected sharp bla- MARTOR understands the needs of de projecting, left in tool boxes, slipped the food business – any contaminants into pockets, they carry on cutting long can damage machinery, spoil food For more information, please search after the cut is made. They often have and lead to consumer complaints and this video on Youtube: clumsy blade changes, needing tools reputational damage. MARTOR knives MARTOR MDP Knives to open them - an activity of high risk minimise that risk because stainless to the operator. MARTOR created its’ steel does not rust, non-painted For further assistance, or even a knives to minimise cut injuries, prevent knives avoid paint debris and the MDP survey of your operation, we would be damaged goods and to improve pro- plastic - if detached from the kni- pleased to assist. ductivity. fe - can be detected in your process Contact details: | controls. A final detail: the oil we use 01924 281333 | To support the food processing in- in the knives and on the blades is food dustries, a family of metal detectable safe. knives has been developed where the knives and their parts can be traced by 12 FDPP - Recognising that detection requires level of sensitivity.