Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 82

Don’t let dirty hands ruin your festival experience Festivals across the world are renow- WRITTEN BY Teal Patents hygiene and hand washing facilities ned for their poor washing and hygiene acts as a constant reminder for team facilities. For days on end, people go members to wash their hands, espe- without showering or even washing cially during busy periods.” their hands properly. Although large   festivals, such as Glastonbury, do offer Despite being part of the food hygiene advice on the importance of hand regulations, having running, hot water washing to prevent illness, this is often ignored[i]. and a hand-washing facility is not   always possible and sometimes mobile When found at festivals, stomach ill- or outdoor caterers have to walk to nesses, such as gastroenteritis, spread nearby facilities to wash their hands. to around 54% of attendees with food   vendors being predominantly to bla- Designed for the most hygienic hand me[ii]. wash, TEAL’s Super Stallette requires   no access to mains water or drainage If you are a street food vendor at a and will hold enough water for up to 50 festival, your hygiene rating will be hand washes - perfect for busy festival displayed loud and proud at the fore- The Super Stallette gives mobile ven- front of your equipment. However, just dors and outdoor caterers a hand wash sites. because you practise efficient hygiene, under running, hot water without the   doesn’t mean the individuals buying need for mains water supply or draina- from you will. The sleek, Super Stallette includes a ge.  All it takes is a 13 amp socket.      touch-free sensor to activate the wash It takes just one person with harmful Manty Stanley, managing director at bacteria on their hands, to touch you TEAL Patents, says: “We are approa- or your counter whilst exchanging ching a very busy period for festivals money or food, to spread germs and and hand hygiene must be a top prio- illness. Those handling high-risk foods rity. Mobile vendors and outdoor cate- maximise hand hygiene. at festivals need to follow the Charte- rers must have access to hand wash   red Institute of Environmental Health facilities or risk being closed down by All TEAL units are available for pur- regulations[1] and ensure they have the environmental health officer as well running, hot water, hand wash facilities as exposing customers to bacteria such chase or hire and available for delivery to prevent cross-contamination. as salmonella and E.coli.     In preparation for the festival season, “Visible hand washing facilities build TEAL Patents – the world’s leading trust that handlers of food products manufacturer of portable hand washing are keeping germs at bay and when T: 0121 770 0593 solutions – has a wide range of mobile you purchase foods from them, they’re E: and portable hand wash units.  safe to eat. Providing visible access to 82 FDPP - cycle and a large, square bowl. Availa- ble in a TEAL-blue colour scheme, the unit has the add-on option of a soap dispenser and paper towel holder to across mainland UK within 24 hours.   For further information: W: