Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 8

New multi-lane metal detector beats waste challenge Forming the centrepiece of the means it can detect even smaller detectors, plus around 17% of the Fortress display is the first UK live metal particles, of all types, down 0.7 installation cost. With just one system demonstration of the company’s new mm ferrous, 0.7 mm non ferrous and to maintain and manage, longer term, waste-reducing, triple-lane, mul- 1.4 mm stainless steel. What’s more, the multi-aperture device improves ti-aperture metal detector. Rather the smaller apertures cope better total cost of ownership (TCO) by over than channelling multiple lanes throu- with orientation and product effect, 65%, taking into account reduced gh a single metal detector, one Stealth again reducing the likelihood of false maintenance and parts requirements. metal detector is mounted across product rejects whilst safeguarding a three conveyor lines. Each conveyor bakers brand reputation. Alongside the triple-lane system, Featuring contact data software and a key applications on its PPMA stand. mobile App for remote interrogation, They include a Stealth pipeline metal the multi-lane unit also optimises detector equipped with new Halo 2 is identified on one line. factory floor space. This was the case automatic test technology, an incli- with a twin lane version recently ne feed gravity metal detector, plus “In a 5-lane configuration this tech- installed by Dutch bakery Borgesius a horizontal Interceptor conveyor nically equates to an 400% reduction where the closeness of conveyors system that uses simultaneous mul- in false reject waste,” highlights Phil made it logistically impossible to ti-frequency technology to optimise Brown, Fortress European Sales insert two metal detectors. sensitivity and inspection performan- has its own BRC-approved reject