Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 75

Super-Stable colours that pass the test It’s no longer enough for food and be- verage products to look good — cus- tomers now demand that the colours that make them appealing are achieved safely and naturally. More than three in five consumers globally try to avoid artificial colours.i However, going natural can also be technically challenging. Lycored therefo- re works closely with manufacturers to make it as easy as possible for them to get the benefits of the switch to natural without sacrificing stability. In line with that commitment, we carry out frequent research into the stability of our naturally derived colour solutions. For example, we recently tested the performance of our carotenoid-derived colourants in flavoured and coloured sparkling waters – one of the beverage categories for which they are ideal. Researchers assessed the stability of three colourants from our Tomat-O-Red acid added to prevent colour fade over a 12-month shelf life. Each sample was checked for ringing, sediment and fade at regular intervals. tunities than ever to colour products naturally without compromising on Six of the seven Lycored colours delive- stability. In fact, rather than creating red good stability over 12 months, with limitations these super-stable colours no ringing at all over 12 months in four of the samples. There was no sediment in five of the seven samples, and clarity was good at the end of 12 months for offer new ways to position products as more natural and fresh, with longer shelf life. Lyc-O-Beta TM Clear Emulsion and Tomat-O-Red TM NGNS. The other colourants provide natural cloudy effect from the outset and all four retained TM range, which is sourced from natural their natural cloudiness, which means Lycopene from tomatoes, and four from no added cloudifiers are required. our Lyc-O-Beta TM range which is ex- tracted from natural BetaCarotene. Manufacturers now have greater oppor- There is a long-standing perception that natural colours are harder to work with than artificial alternatives. We are working towards a day when that is a thing of the past. In summary, both Tomat-O-Red TM and Lyc-O-Beta TM delivered excellent For more information visit: Sparkling water was added to strawbe- performance, demonstrating resistance rry-flavoured syrup and filled to 250ml to fading and ringing, and lack of sedi- in PET bottles with 200 ppm of ascorbic mentation. per-stable-colours/ WRITTEN BY Christiane Lippert, Head of Marketing, Food, Lycored FDPP - 75