Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 74

652 Top and Base Labelling Are you looking for efficient labelling food labelling industry. This makes the The Hollands Centre solutions? The adjustable HERMA 652 system particularly beneficial for cus- automatic labelling system is ideal tome \HH[\HX[\[Y[]\[\Z\[Y[H\YY܈H\Y]HوXˈ]\\H[X[Y܈[\H]\[\[\[XYHX\ٝ[HXX[[ˈ[[Y Hݙ[ L\]Z[XHЎH\H[\[ۈ]X^H[[]Y[BTPH]HX[H\\][BY\\][H L\[HYY]H\]Z\[Y[وH[[ H˙ ˝Z˜HZ[ܙY^XHYY][\ۂXYX\]Z\[Y[ H[[ٙ\[HX\KYܙXH][ۋ]\[Y˚\XK[X[[XX[\˘˝Z