Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 73

Smarter Packaging Solutions Our Twinflute corrugated plastic packaging offers a smarter packaging solution, used in many industries such as retail, construction, automotive, electronics, horticulture, agriculture, waste disposal, storage, transit and offers packaging solutions for tighter regulatory requirements for example, food contact and clean room environ- ments. Twinflute is made from renewable raw materials, which is reusable, returnable and recyclable (reducing costs, re- sources and the impact on the envi- ronment) which is an increasing factor in packaging waste requirements. Strong and Light weight g Suitable for single or multi trip packaging g Resistant to moisture, grease and chemicals g Non-abrasive and crush resistant g Provides a hygienic material without effecting the products in contact with it g Biologically inert, non-toxic, clean and washable g Can be modified with additives during extrusion stage to meet specific needs which may include anti-static, UV, flame retardant or corona treatments g Suitable for internal and external use g Choice of colours and printing options to optimise strategic branding in a competitive market g In House design, manufacture and conversion to most FEFCO or Bespoke designs g Whatever the packaging requirements or application, we understand that not all packaging needs are the same and a one fit all approach may not fit all. Our technical sales team can pro- vide innovative solutions, technical know-how, design and prototype packaging solutions to ensure your product arrives at its destination safety, un-damaged, regardless of its content. FDPP - 73