Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 72

STAX-LITE Tray from Twinplast With the introduction of our STAX-LITE tray, we have combined the traditional business requirement for a stack and nest tray with the durable and lightweight properties of twinflute, offering a very real alternative in functionality, durability, strength and cost effectiveness to heavier traditional plastic trays in the market place. • Innovative lightweight Stack and Nest tray • Revolutionary mix of 3.5mm Polypropylene box base and handles and Nylon bale arms • Standard 600x400 perimeter (5 trays per layer standard pallet / 4 trays per layer Euro pallet) • Stax-Lite Deep tray @ 360mm depth • Stax-Lite Shallow tray @ 180mm depth • Alternative depths can be made to suit • Strong and exceptionally lightweight • Suitable for single or multi trip packaging • Resistant to moisture, grease and chemicals • Non-abrasive and crush resistant • Biologically inert, non-toxic, food grade clean and washable • Material modifications to suit may include anti-static, UV and Flame retardant • Choice of colour combinations of bases and handles • Suitable for printing options or adhesive labels to maximise strategic branding • Options for ventilated sides or bases BENEFITS: • Extremely lightweight and helps reduce transit weight and fuel costs in shipping • Tough and durable, able to hold 15kg stacked • Lightweight for easier and safe manual handling • Trays Stack and Nest for improved storage and space saving • Bespoke alterations for ventilation and depth can be done with ease • Lead times typically 4 weeks, as opposed to 12 weeks with injection moulded trays • Extremely cost effective alternative to heavier rigid plastic trays Our Twinflute corrugated plastic packaging offers a smarter lightweight yet tough packaging solution, used in many industries, such as retail, automotive, construction, electronics, horticulture, waste disposal, storage and general industry. Twinflute is made from renewable raw materials, which is REUSABLE, RETURNABLE, and RECYCLABLE, reducing costs, resources and the impact on the environment, which is an increasing factor in packaging waste. 1 72 Stax-Lite FDPP Twinplast.indd - 12/06/2017 10:57