Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 68

Food+Hygiene = Money But contamination, failing a hygiene audit, or product recalls can mean big fines and lost business EURO PUMPS Euro Pumps design and produce water efficient cleaning systems for the food processing, critical quality and export Industries. Every Euro Pumps system is customised to suit the specific customer requirements food processing needs & planned for into the future. A Euro Pumps system allows you to leverage your investment across your whole plant. Making money with the ever The obvious business and sales increasing demands and standards of advantages in acquiring export the food production business in the certifications and reaching the 21st century is hard work. But failing broadest possible sales markets are a hygiene audit can mean big fines 100% dependent on acquiring and and lost business. Let your new Euro retaining export certifications. Euro and rinse nozzles, foamers, roof Pumps small food processor cleaning Pumps systems have helped out cleaners, and by selecting the right system be the cornerstones of your multi-national clients achieve some of pump pack you can even run multiple success. the toughest export certifications in processes at the same time. Euro the world (USA, EU and Japanese Pumps systems are amazingly cost beef, processed food, fish, bread, effective & the water savings often fruit and vegetables) reaching more provide a full return on your than 80 countries. investment in weeks rather than A proven Euro Pumps small food processor cleaning system can make huge water savings, generate additional production capability, and Even smaller Euro Pumps systems are capable of running tub, crate or board washers, conveyor CIP systems, high and low-prssure guns e years. lift your food hygiene standards to A Euro Pumps cleaning system has export levels and also be an multi-use achieved documented water savings Euro Pumps would be delighted to asset to your company. Euro Pumps of up to 92% and labour savings of 80% prove to you at just how efficient and systems and training will let you lift while lifting hygiene standards at money saving, adding a system to your standards to meet new major multi-national food processors. your business can be. If you'd like to international expectations of This has been achieved on animal know more about Euro Pumps water unannounced audits and random spot processing production lines, contra Efficient cleaning systems for the inspections to food processing plants. shears, spiral freezers and more. Food Processing, Critical quality or export Industries, Call Joanne Field 68 00 FDPP FDPP - - on +61 (0) 409 123 850 or visit us online at