Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 66

SpoonerPlus Ensuring that process machinery is running to its optimum capacity is essential to ensure the efficient running of any factory. Machinery maintenance is important within the food industry due to the need to increase reliability and to de- crease the possibility of production loss due to the machine break- down. It is estimated that more than 60% of breakdowns are attributed to main- Some of the benefits of having a Spoo- Operating in the Food, Metals, Paper, tenance issues. Preventing these nerPlus maintenance contract in place Converting and Environmental mar- include- kets SpoonerPlus engineers have the problems is much more attractive than Timely, routine repairs leading to incurring the cost to productivity of g unscheduled downtime. fewer large-scale repairs. g Scheduling preventative maintenance reduces regular breakdowns and in- creases the availability of the machi- ne. A maintenance service contract with SpoonerPlus will give peace of mind knowing that the upkeep of your machine is being managed and carried out by our expert engineers which will result in greater process control, ma- chine longevity, consistent throughput of high quality product and reduced down time. An effective maintenance system adds value to equipment by means of Identification of equipment with excessive maintenance costs, equipment. SpoonerPlus assists customers to replacement of obsolete equipment. achieve the optimum efficiency of Improving safety and quality their machinery. Changes made help conditions to increase throughput, reduce energy g Extending the useful life of usage and optimise process conditions. equipment g Reducing the number of emergency breakdowns g Greatly reducing unplanned downtime The range of service packages Spoo- nerPlus offers will all contribute to issue free machine performance and production, allowing more efficient g Improving customer service planned downtime and less unplan- g Decreasing maintenance costs and ned stoppages. SpoonerPlus will replacement costs. liability. This contributes to increased les division from Spooner Industries, efficiency, higher standards of custo- dealing with all spares and service requirements of both customers who have bought Spooner machinery and those with other manufacturer’s ma- chinery. 66 FDPP - performance of your existing process maintenance, operator training, or SpoonerPlus is the dedicated aftersa- and customer satisfaction. building knowledge to optimise the indicating the need for corrective system optimisation and improved re- mer service, safety, on time delivery, essential process skills and machine be committed to the upkeep of your machinery with the care and attention of your own workforce. For more information on SpoonerPlus please contact Andrew Stead – as- tead@spo ۙ\˝Z܈ZXY[\›X\ۙ\˝Z NM ML B܈\]ۙ\\˘