Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 52

Newtec A/S Newtec A/S Industry leading, high-quality weighing, packing and sorting machinery. Newtec Odense Uk Ltd 22 Fleet Road Industrial Estate Holbeach Lincolnshire PE12 8LY Tel 01406 426526 Newtec A/S were approached by one up to 60 portions per min. The machi- melon,50g of pineapple,40g of yellow of the largest cut fruit packers in Eu- ne has been designed to be dismant- melon, and the remaining amount  up rope to find a solution to pack mixed led and assembled very quickly with to 220g made up of grapes. The cus- fruit in to a single tray and seal it no need for tools, making it suitable tomer pre defines the recipe and the automatically. The solution had to be for the high care environment. machines software the ensures that suitable for a high care environment and run with minimal labour. the target weight is correct. With the use of six machines with a special portion control system and The project was completed from de- Newtec decided to build a new linear depositor a mix of up to four diffe- sign to installation within 6 months.   weigher suitable for weights between rent fruits can be achieved. Each of 50g and 500g and capable ½˜ÉÕ¹¹¥¹œÑ¡”ÑɅǻݥ±°½¹Ñ…¥¸€ÔÁœ½˜É••¸(ÔȁA@€´ÝÝܹ™‘ÁÀ¹¼¹Õ¬