Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 45

FAIRHAM MOULDINGS THE HOME OF QUALITY RUBBER MOULDINGS Superior Material Formulations added to Fairham's Range Fairham Mouldings have been ma- nufacturing high quality FDA com- pliant rubber products for the Food and Drink industry for over 15 years. Our parts are used in applications where food consumables are pre- sent, such as the dairy, meat proces- sing and food packaging equipment. Examples of parts we supply to our customers are seals, gaskets, pump seals in hygienic couplings, pipe connectors and O-rings. We can manufacture bespoke parts to suit customer requirements. High or low operating temperature range can be achieved, depending upon which type of rubber is selec- ted, as can good resistance to some chemicals and non-polar solvents. Parts can possess a strong and flexible characteristic and most are odourless and tasteless. To meet the requirements of the food and drink industry, we have develo- ped several elastomers. These are formulated using only ingredients determined by the United States Federal Food & Drug Ad- ministration (FDA) in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (CFR21) Section 177.2600, sometimes stated as FDA compliant elastomers. In collaboration with our material suppliers we have success- fully carried out extraction tests on these materials, with the extractables falling well within the limits set by the FDA regulations. These results render them suitable candidates for USP Class VI (United States Phar- macopeia) testing. This test involves assessing the effects of the materials and any extractables on tissue in a laboratory environment. We have a range of materials - EPDM, FKM, Nitrile, Platinum Cured and Peroxide Cured Sili- cones, and a WRAS approved EPDM. An EPDM Metal De- tectable rubber has recently been added to the list. We have an extended range of other types of materials suitable for other industrial applications. All our mould manufacturing is undertaken here at Fairham, using the latest CAD/CAM facilities. We have developed our own unique food quality mould surface coating, which eliminates the use of release sprays, ensuring a clean surface on the final product. quality is achieved. We pride ourselves in our expertise, quality and experience in the rubber industry. This has recently gained us the high status of ‘Fit For Nuclear’ (F4N) by the Nuclear AMRC panel – we are the first organisation in the rubber industry to achieve this. We manufacture for a wide range of industries. Please visit our web- site or contact us on 01254 663642. All product moulding is manufactured on site, ensuring that full control on WRITTEN BY Fairham Mouldings Ltd.