Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 37

Improve uptime with Preventenance The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to transform manufacturing, and in a survey*, 49% of small to medium sized companies saw it as a technology to help them improve uptime of their products. IoT lies at the heart of Datatrade’s newly launched Preventenance service. It enables enterprises to be more proactive in their device maintenance, allowing them to minimise downtime by preempting failures in their supply chain. The new managed service runs real- time healthchecks on printers, scanners, handheld computers and other electronic assets to spot likely failures and enable preemptive work to be carried out. “By having total visibility of assets − from barcode printers on factory floors to electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) devices in vans/lorries − our customers can easily see, for example, when scanner batteries or printheads need replacing,” says Datatrade’s managing director Peter Laplanche. “Our Preventenance service is more intuitive than both predictive maintenance (PdM) and preventative maintenance (PM). It relies on a cloud-based visibility solution where users monitor their asset’s conditions from a simple dashboard,” suggests Peter. “Our 30 years+ experience, our strong relationships with OEMs like Zebra Technologies, plus a team of field-based engineers allows us to support food & drink manufacturers in reducing their downtime and being able to access the necessary IT skills to implement change,” suggests Peter. Discover how Preventenance could reduce your costs and improve your operational efficiency. Contact Datatrade on 01604 666666 or visit *Source: Autodesk/Taxal 2017 Mobile Coolers Available!! Perfect for spot cooling during hot periods Instant availability, contact us today! Low Cost Industrial Cooling 90% less running cost than AC | Up to 90% less capital cost | Simple maintenance requirements - no need for refridgerant qualifications Low Energy Single phase | Natural cooling using evaporative cooling | No refrigerants | Airflow rate 7000 m³ for 400W | Comfortable Conditions Supply temperatures of less than 25°C even on the hottest days | Comfortable conditions for staff | Fresh air system | Safe and Simple Solutions Plug in and go - just add water | Can be wheeled to any location for cooling flexibility | Proven Technology Over 3,500 installations worldwide | Case studies online | Clients include: Cummins Diesel, Decathalon, Diageo, Premier Foods +44 (0)1284 810 586 | FDPP - 37