Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 32

Hart’s wide product range key to success Hart Door Systems (Hart) has a wide WRITTEN BY Hart range of quality industrial door pro- PHOTOGRAPHY BY Hart ducts which are renowned for their re- liability and robust, engineered, design and manufacture. Its leading brand, Speedor, has applications that are almost limitless across the range of manufacturing sectors – for busy, high-traffic, situations, energy saving, clean room environment, in harsh, corro- sive, situations, warehouse/loading bays, vermin and dust control, heat A superb Speedor Cleanroom installa- tion sensitive production processes, ATEX certified explosion proof and so on. As industrial doors can vary in terms of size and location – from a small high-speed shutter on an airport’s standards are exceptional. conveyor system for example to an Speedor Cleanroom is the latest new exposed location where wind speed model from the family of Speedor has been recorded in excess of 150 energy saving, industrial high speed mph – it is essential to have the doors and is designed to work in ability to purpose-design solutions for customers. Hart’s Speedor Cleanroom door is a great success as it’s ideally suited to environments where strict air leaka- ge requirements are necessary and air pressure differentials need to be maintained. Further Speedor Cleanroom has a smooth finishing surface for ease of cleaning and sloping edges to reduce collection of dirt and reduce the risk pooling of cleaning fluids. This is strictly controlled environmental areas.  The intelligent control panel with di- gital display, reliable and clean in-line drive system complete with integral safety brake and a non-touch safety light curtain which ensures maximum protection to personnel. high security shutter systems. For example the range of shutters, bran- ded as Terror Screen, are all to Loss Prevention Standards as approved by the LPC Fire and Security Board and Expert Group G. Every product and service listed in the Red Book has been robustly checked by independent experts to ensure that is delivers and will continue to deliver the performan- ce expected. Terror Screen High Security Shutters comply with LPS1175 SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 Hart pays great attention to Quality and to BSEN 12453:2005; BSEN accreditations and complies with CE, 12604:2000; BSEN 12635:2002; EU, North American (UL) and Iͥ M8)хɑ̸)Mȁхɑ́ɔ)٥хȁɵѥ́Q䁥Ёٕ́ѕ٥䁥ٕݡɔɕمЁɽ́)ɽͥݡɔ坥ͥѕѥፕѥɅ̸(ȁA@ܹլ