Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 27

EMBEDDING SUSTAINABILITY INTO YOUR BUSINESS M SMALL FOOTPRINT, BIG IMPACT - POWER YOUR BUSINESS Wind energy is powering UK’s leading independent soft drink manufacturer A.G. Barr. The power generated by EWT’s DW54-500kW wind turbine provides the drinks factory with up to 80% of its electricity demand every year, replacing between 430-1030 tonnes of CO2 which would have been emitted had the power otherwise been produced by either a gas or coal fired power station. The energy surplus is sold and fed into the local grid. EWT is a leading wind turbine supplier for distributed wind energy applications. EWT offers highly efficient wind turbines based on direct drive technology with a high yield, low cost of energy and high availability levels. The company focuses on offering cost-effective energy solutions across Europe to heavy energy users such as cold storage, manufacturing, food, drinks and other industrial clients. Interested? Please contact us: - reference code ‘power your business’. Rice processing plant Yasar Makina powered by EWT’s DW54-900kW Bottling plant Lanchester Wines powered by EWT’s DW52-500kW Direct Drive Wind Turbines T +31 (0)33 454 0520 MORE ENERGY LESS COMPLEXITY