Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 26

HepcoMotion provides guides and actuators for Adelphi’s new System F filling machine improved moment load capacity and longer life in high duty linear applications”. The duty is quite high for this application as the main nozzle bar is raised and lowered frequently and quickly. The weight of the nozzle apparatus, piping, and product being dispensed also need to be taken into consideration. The products therefore need to be able to cope with this high duty and be low maintenance - Based in West Sussex, Adelphi Dan Smith, Adelphi Managing features that Hepco’s SL2 and SBD Packaging Machinery (part of The Director, explains: “When selecting excel in. Adelphi Group of Companies) is a new technology partners we always highly respected manufacturer of balance quality, cost, and technical High performance in hostile liquid filling and capping machinery support. Hepco scored highly in for industries such as pharmaceutical, all areas, and as a British company cosmetic, toiletries, food, they [\\ZYY[x&\Yܛ[ZX[[XH[ 8&\YۙY[X[YX\Y[[Z]Y[ݘ][ۋY[B\Hۙ\]][ۈ܈]X[]K[XXH\]ZY[\X[YX\YܙX]]Z[&H][\[\[\\H\ܝH[Xۛ^B\]\XK'B[\HYH\XYX\\[][H^\ޞH\Y\[ݙ[Y[[K[ۙHݚYYH\&\Б[ \\\Y[H\YۙY[X˜Z[H][Hو[\[\]YBXX[\]\HۛH^[[B[[Y\Y ][Y[B\YۙY Y[x&\]\XX[N\[HLN \ٙXX[B][Y]\YX\PH˜[\[Y[][ݘ]]B\Yۋ]XZ]YHݙ]Y8&YB[Y[Y8&H]\܈H8&[[ݘ]]H\[ XY[“XX[x&K H˙ ˝Z™[\ۛY[]\[܈H\وY\[[\Y\[Y[X[ۋYYX[ [Y]XXY[›[YH]H]H[\ۛY[[ۙ][ۜوH\[H\H]Z]B]\H\[[ۈH\Hق\]ZY]\Z[[Y \\˜[\X\ۈHH[[Y\™XYYۈ\Έ\[\]B[[Hۙ][ۜˈ\\[ܙB\&\БXX]ܜݚYHHH [Бٙ\\X\šY\][و\ܛX[H[\\][HX\[H\Y[\YوY\X]H[YH[\ۈ\[X[[][\˂\\XH^Y[X\XX]ܜHYY\H[\ۂXZ[][^[[XH܈XX[\]\]YY[x&\\[HZZHXZ\KX[ۈ]\\HX[][ۂ\[[ۈ[\[[Y\]ۛHHY\\[\[^Z[8'Б]\\X][ۈݚYK\XH[]Y\X]H˚\[[ۋBKX\[][[ZY\ݚY[