Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 24

Energy efficient temperature control for distillery process... BDI COOLING S O L U T I O N S Chase Distillery, the UK’s first single estate vodka distillery and producer of both Chase Vodka and Williams Gin approached BDI Cooling Solutions in December 2016 for a cooling system to support their distillation process. Hereford works specifically for Chase Distillery. As part of this, the equipment was designed to account for available space on site and the control program was written to suit the customer’s requirements. The original system used a local water source and total loss cooling system to maintain distillation temperatures. The system proposed by BDI Cooling took into account existing water usage rates to provide a recirculating closed loop set up, reducing water usage for cooling to zero and provide fine temperature control for improved distillation through the use of inverter drives and bespoke controls. The system comprised of a variable flow inverter driven pumpset, plate heat exchanger, dry air ‘free’ cooler, integrated control panel and inverter driven chiller providing a total cooling capacity of 210kW with variable load capability for fine temperature control and energy saving. The installation was completed in two phases by the BDI Cooling installation team. Hygienic stainless steel crimped pipe was used throughout the works to integrate the new cooling systems into the existing process with minimal downtime and hot works. Following completion of the first phase the fermentation process was vastly improved allowing for a 60% increase in production. Once the distillation cooling system was brought online Chase Distillery were then able to switch to 24 hour production, with reduced water costs and environmental impact. In addition to the distillation process the scope was then widened to include a 100kW cooling system for Chase Distillery’s fermentation plant. This system comprised of an air cooled packaged water chiller and a bespoke pumpset with run/standby pumps and integrated controls. As for the distillation system, fine temperature control is provided through the use of a temperature controlled bypass valve. The pumpsets and integrated control panels were designed and manufactured at BDI Cooling’ The system is to be further developed with plans to include heat recovery for pot wash water, further reducing energy consumption and environmental efficiency. “We approached BDI Cooling Solutions for a closed loop cooling system to support our distillation and fermentation process. The whole project from concept through to completion has been first class with immediate results indicating an increase in production with minimal downtime.” Tim Nolan - Operations Manager Chase Distillery, Hereford, Herefordshire UK. This case study represents a sample of the services available from BDI Cooling, who offer energy efficient cooling solutions, heat recovery projects, heat to power solutions, pipework (water, steam, air & beyond), filtration and more. All systems are available with full turnkey installation by an experienced, in-house installation team. To discuss your requirements or potential applications please contact the BDI Cooling engineering team on: 01432 365 000 or you can email your enquiry through to: For further information and case studies visit: RAMSDEN COURT, RAMSDEN ROAD, ROTHERWAS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, HEREFORD, HEREFORDSHIRE HR2 6LR. UK. T: 01432 365000