Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 14 2017 - Page 10

Another Installation Successfully Wra- pped Up By Ace! WRITTEN BY Hannah Cox, The Ace Group The Ace Group ACE Group (Engineering) Ltd offers a nationwide service built around industry knowledge and market leading technologies. We were invited back on site by one existing compressor for two new sure across the factory was reduced of our customers, a world leader in Gardner Denver Machines. The first to 6.5 bar and after additional air leak packaging solutions to discuss their was a 75kW Fixed Speed Compressor experience since contracting The Ace to run continually at 100% and the repairs and the installation of boos- Group and the change in their energy second was a 75kW Variable Speed consumption. Compressor to kick in during periods of high demand to top up the air flow. ters it is now at around 5.4 bar. We spoke to a representative about the benefits the factory has seen so Before Ace’s installation the site The two lower kilowatt machines was running at 7 bar pressure and working in conjunction with each far. There has been a significant pres- had reoccurring breakdowns on the other created a much more energy sure reduction across the site with spiral valve of their compressor. The efficient system which was proficient no compromise in the performance system was hugely inefficient as the at both high and low demand. Ace also of their machinery. Since the insta- lone 150kW machine was running at installed a programmable Compair full speed even during periods of low SmartAir Master Control System llation there has been a substantial demand. The company received a (SAM), allowing the compressors to be group directive to reduce their pres- shut down completely during episo- sure across the factory to 5 bar, thus des of no usage. Alongside their exis- reducing energy consumption and ting door fob system a remote turn off The Ace Group were instructed to has been introduced at 9pm each day, new Gardner Denver Compressors are access how this might be achieved. further reducing energy consumption. a great deal quieter than the previous Ace’s first step was to exchange the After these initial alterations the pres- system. NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH Gardner Denver has recently relea- sed a revolutionary compressor and The Ace Group are lucky enough to have access! The Ultima is an oil free compressor with a brand new concept born from existing technology. It is flexible, allowing the user to upgrade the smallest model of 75kW right up to the 160kW model within a matter of hours. It grows as your company grows! Contact us for more informa- tion on this innovative new product. 10 FDPP - decrease in the site’s energy bill which they soon hope to quantify with the use of a flow meter and data logging. Another unforeseen bonus is that the