Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 42

Fortress Technology Metal detectors the natural choice for Britain’s thriving food-on-the-go SMEs Britain’s appetite for food-on-the-go According to statistics gathered Large numbers of these (FOTG) looks set to continue, with by DEFRA for the annual Food convenience lines carry the greater product innovations, clean Statistics Pocketbook, SMEs in the ‘artisan’ label, conveying a and healthy eating, ethnic foods UK food sector account for 96% of message that each item has been and artisan local produce driving businesses, 30% of employment personally prepared with care consumers away from the daily sliced and 24% of turnover. using quality ingredients. Typically bread sandwich ritual. There are also an estimated Fortress Technology’s European 40,000 artisan food and drink Sales Director Phil Brown explores manufacturers in the UK, preparing the implications that this has on the and selling everything from bread 6,100-plus micro, small and medium to cheese, convenience salads to sized enterprises* who are catering street-style food, either direct to to our more adventurous pallets and consumers, or via retailers, deli’s explains why metal detectors are the and restaurants. most cost effective and popular route to protect FOTG suppliers from the most likely contaminant risk - metal. 42 FDPP - ww ˙ ˝ZY]YHۜ[Y\\Y\B[X[[Yܚ]H[Y]H\\[[[[]8&\™\[H\\][ۈ[X[œ\H\HHXHY][۝[Z[[[\YB]