Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 34

Breezair evaporative coolers: the best solution to cool food production areas Spanish company producing packed and running costs would be extremely the air, just a water pump to supply food for appetizers is no longer prohibitive. water to the wetted media where counting the costs of keeping cool, after installing an evaporative cooling system that allows to keep productivity on track in the face of Mr Sam Peli, General Manager Sales Europe, Africa and Middle East of Seeley International, the evaporation occurs and electrical power for the fan that then pushes the air inside the building. manufacturers of Breezair, explains: Breezair is the best example of “Most industries with high heat loads, evaporative cooling in the market. Risi, producer of the famous such as bakeries, packaging facilities Available in different ranges to Palomitas®, was facing significant or premises where ovens are involved, meet customers’ needs and 100% issues due to the heat emitted by the have no cooling system installed, and manufactured in Australia, Breezair is industrial plant itself which, added this impacts on the workers’ morale famous worldwide for the unbeatable to the summer temperatures, were and productivity, as well as on their quality of the components and the reaching even 45°C. After an in-depth health.” In fact, almost 70% of UK performance of the product itself. study, eight Breezair evaporative workers believe poor indoor air coolers have been installed, arranging quality has a negative effect on their one duct per cooler, each with a health, according to a YouGov survey, hexagonal diffuser, allowing optimal commissioned by the Building Services air flow inside the building. Association (BESA). “The use of such a revolutionary system, “In cases where businesses have Bennet Opie, Riverside Bakery, like Breezair Evaporative Coolers, traditional cooling systems installed, McCormick, Headland Foods, AIMIA combines energy efficiency and green they rely on recirculating the air in the foods and many more. In Europe name technology” says Luís Miguel Ramos indoor space, and that stale air can brands benefitting from the system Mora, responsible for the company, be full of fumes and germs. Crucially, are Pepsico (Breezair units have been “because they only use water and premises such as warehouses or big installed in six different countries), electricity to run, with no chemical storage rooms, especially when dealing Heineken, Granarolo, St Michel, Sumol refrigerants”. with food or drinks, have specific and Compal (Portuguese producer of temperature requirements.” soft drinks like 7UP). sweltering temperatures. Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling In all these scenarios, Direct large areas. Air conditioning is not such Evaporative Cooling could be the right a viable option, because in production solution because it doesn’t use any plants or storage facilities, the capital sort of chemical refrigerants to cool Seeley International leads the market in the design and manufacture of air conditioning systems based on Evaporative Cooling technology, with award winning brand names including Breezair, Coolair, Climate Wizard and Coolerado. For more information www. 34 FDPP - There are many examples of UK companies in the food industry that have put their trust in Breezair Evaporative cooling: they include Nicholl Food Packaging (New Midland),