Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 30

Klenzan launches Green’ R pre-dosed cleaning sachets Klenzan Ltd, based in Warrington, Cheshire launches its The Green’ R range comprises 18 types of cleaner, in small new eco-friendly pre-dosed range of concentrated surface and large packs, ten x 10g sachets per pack and 150 x 14 g cleaning products, under the brand name Green’ R. sachets, respectively. The Green’ R range are cleaners and sanitisers designed Klenzan Managing Director, John Bell, commented: “Green’ to be used for all routine cleaning jobs and where storage R provides a cost effective, compact and consistent answer space is limited. The eco-friendly products come in pre- to high quality hygiene in catering and food establishments dosed water-soluble sachets (PVOH) that dissolve in under large and small. Many outlets struggle for space and need 60 seconds and include BS EN 1276 sanitiser, tested and an easy, safe to use solution for keeping things clean. approved for effective b X\X[YX[ۋܙY[&Hٙ\H[HوXXH]\H^H™^HX[[\˸'B[[\[[\[H]ݙ\ YX\^\Y[K[[\ۙHوHR&\[\YݚY\و]X]H[Z]Y[\X\[][Y[[\X[YY[H][ۜˈܚ[XܛH \][[]HܙY۝و[ݘ]]KYX]B]\YK][Z\H[\XX]]X[[\Y\YY[HX[Y[Y[[۝ [ ZۛۈY][[\YX[HXYX\]\[ݘ]]H[HوH[\H܈][XY[Y][و\Y\Xˈ\XK[[ܚ[H]]\Y\œݚYHH][ۈ܈[HYY[H[[KHX\H\HX]]ۈۈHYY܂[ܘYH[[\H\H\[۝X]ݚY[^XH][ۜ܈\[X[[[]\[ۘ[]Y[ZX[ˈۙHX[Xو  YX]Z[ܙY[]YX[YY\][[\\[\]X]\ MH]\و[ZX[][ۋ[\Y HܙY[&H[H\\] \YۙYX^[Z\BۘHYY]\HܙY[&H][ۈ[XZ[[HYXY[H[Z[[Z\[˂YX]H܈\ ^\]Z[[]][[˜\X]HX[[[]\H]]HYYB\[\Y ˚[[˝Zš[[[˝Z‘܈\\[ܛX][ۈ۝XZH[ ZP[[˝ZŒ H˙ ˝Z