Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 22

BURKERT FUILD CONTROL SYSTEMS DO SMES NEED TO PUSH FOR MORE PROCESS AUTOMATION IN FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY? Most large scale food processing plants have already grasped the advantages of improved automation and used them to minimise production costs and boost productivity. However, some medium and smaller scale businesses, although appreciative of the benefits, remain reticent about the process of implementation and how the latest technology will combine with an existing installation. Mark Lilley, Field Segment Manager, Hygienic - Food and Beverage for Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, looks at the best way to implement an automation project and the benefits it can deliver. One of the common misconceptions about introducing automation is that the entire manufacturing process has to be revised at once. Clearly this has some considerable financial implications and for many this level of investment, added to the cost of lost producti ۈ\[B[[][ۋXZ\Hۘ\ۋ]XXK]\ۙHوH[[[Y[[[\\ق H˙ ˝Z˜]]X][ۈ\[X[]H8$]YXY[[[™\[H[]X[Y\و[]]X][ۈڙX ]\XH][H[][H\YY[ۙH\XH[[ܘYX[HY][YB\\\[YH\K[\^K\[\›ۙ\[]\YHX[\Y][[YBH[\ݙ[Y[[X]]K][[H[\X]H]]X][ۈ[܈H\[\\]Z\\[[\[[و]\œXH[H]Z[YۛYHو]\[XYB[XK]\]\[ [H[]X[[[š\Z[XK]\[\\[[Y][H^\YXK܈[HڙXHHX\]\\[X[]]\[ۙH[Y[\[H^X][ۜقHڙX[ܙ\܈[HH[]\Y H\H]]X][ۈݙ\HYHX[HقXN]\][HH][[܈[[˜[[H[HX۝Y][X]X[H][ۜܚ[]؛[]\ZXܛ$˜X\XH[X[ۋ