Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 19

Get More out oF your Assets And ProCesses In professional kitchens and food plants with unique wireless batteryless food probe: • For inner food temperature control during cooking • Easy-to-use, easy-to-clean • Featuring infinite autonomy • Compatible with high and low temperatures, for continuous monitoring from freezers to ovens • Compatible with rotating racks, roasting spits, mixers, tunnel ovens • Modular configurations to adapt to many processes: cooking, baking, smoking, blast-chilling, sterilising • User-programmable CCPs and thresholds Modular monitoring platform with multiple inputs Optional RFID reader module Other models of sensors for Industrial Equipment and Electrical Assets monitoring Pictures: SENSeOR - Shutterstock +33 4 97 23 13 20 (French Headquarters) – your Asset Optimizer – optimal performance at maximum security Breakthrough SAW technology in a value-added, cost-effective IIOT monitoring platform