Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 13 2017 - Page 11

Printing high quality labels with Primera’s LX-series On-demand and in-house label printing has grown from being exotic to something that manufacturers of all types and sizes use frequently or even exclusively. However, finding a cost-effective and convenient way to produce high-quality, colour labels has not been easy. The capacity of the tri-colour ink cartridge is higher and an optional built-in cutter is available. Primera Technology, a leading manufacturer of high quality laser and inkjet-based label printers, has successfully developed short to medium-run label solutions. Using intelligent technology, Primera creates systems that can design, print and finish labels of any shape or form. The brand new LX1000e along with its “big brother” LX2000e represents a new generation of mid-range inkjet label printer with its cost effective separate CMYK pigment inks, which are For start-up and small business Primera’s entry-level colour label printer LX500e utilises a new print engine that doubles the maximum print speed from 25mm to 51mm per second. The result of their great flexibility and high performance, Primera’s label printing equipment is popular with manufacturers and &fFR&VW'27&72琦FffW&VB6V7F'2%3Sc6V7F26W'FfVB@fRFR&ƗGF&GV6RUb6V֖6BvFW"&W67F@&V2vFw&VBVff6V7&W&FV6wWW&PW"7G"3cSrvW6&FVvW&琥SCc#ssrfCc#ssrSVâ6W4&W&WRvV#wwr&W&&VWPW&ƗF^(J"WW&^( 2ƖvFW7B&W7@W&f&֖r'V6FR&W@vF"frFV6wFR&D6(J"W&ƗF^(J"g&52FRFW7BFFFFFRR7V6Ɨ7N( 0&vRb'V62FW6vVBf"v&Vf&VG2vW&RFW&R2&6`7B&WGvVVFRVBB7FF'&V7G2FRWr'V6FW6vVB'5( 2ֆW6R&W6V&6bFWfVV@FVfVGW&W2gVvFV6GǖWFVRER6V6FRvV&W"0&FV7FVBBǒg&7BFFRg&BBFbFRVB'WB6g&Ч67&W2FFR6FRbFRVBF26vf6B7&V6R&FV7F2@&VVvVBBFRWV6Rb6f'CFR&D6(J"W&ƗF^(J"2WG&VVǐƖvGvVvBB6f'F&RFvV"f7BBVFW"3VrFR6vVv0&WBFR6R2G67FF&B6VB6'GR( 2BN( 2W7B26B7GƗ6F6vf6Fǒ&VGV6RVB'VBWFR6VVFWFR6fW"2&vRVvVfVBV2Ff6ƗFFRFRG&6fW"b6"B֗FvFRFR'VBW`VBBF66f'B( 2'F7V&ǒbFR62&Vrv&fW"rW&G2FR&D6(J"W&ƗF^(J"2f&R&6"&VRvFVFW"S #VVFRvW"V&fFW2&R6FRWFF""'&vFǒƗ@Vf&VG2vRFR6'FW"fW'6w2f"&WGFW"f6vVpWv&B&Rf&F2f&Rg&wwr76V"'6ƖrCB2#cSdEwwrfG6V