Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 11 2016 - Page 9

Transit Layer Boards (TLBs) provide the ultimate solution for stacking kegs, increasing vehicle payloads and better utilizing valuable warehouse space. This is in addition to keeping kegs more stable and safer within the vertical stacks. The range of TLBs extends to designs which fit the common keg sizes of 1/2 bbl, 1/4 bbl and 1/6 bbl steel kegs. Transit Layer Boards minimize the separation of the layers of kegs to 3/4 inch, so are ideal for keg shipments, as well as for stacking kegs within confined spaces of brewery operations and warehouses. The range of Transit Layer Boards is currently being expanded to conform with different pallets, especially the 48” x 40” foot print of the GMA pallet. Features and Benefits Injection molded full plastic construction. Full load bearing performance, for filled kegs and emptied alike, up to five rows in stationary stacks. Positioning rings and retention segments to keep kegs stable – even with empty 1/6th bbl Slimline kegs. Successfully employed by Breweries within United Kingdom and across Europe. Now used in the USA. Proven performance over a period of 2 decades in the keg manufacture and brewery industries. Our designs fit all common keg sizes, including 1/2 bbl, Slimline 1/4 bbl and Slimline 1/6 bbl. Use of TLB’s in keg stacks integrates with standard forklift trucks The designs can be produced to match current keg stacking arrangements, on common pallet footprints. Customization to any pallet footprint is possible. A range of colours are available on request. Advantages vs Wooden Pallets Significantly reduces space between layers of kegs Storing unused Layer Boards takes up very little space Significantly lighter weight – typically 7-8 lbs empty 7 year lifespan, reducing ever-present repair bills and the regular disposal of retired wooden pallets Won’t splinter or fracture Won’t increase in weight when wet Won’t support mold growth Doesn’t warp or distort Better integration with automated keg lines with robotics Eliminate the risks of exposed nails Made of 100% recyclable automotive grade plastic Less need for strapping and shrink wrapping vs Plastic Pallets Kegs are retained in position – won’t slip or slide Less need for strapping and shrink wrapping Significantly lighter weight – typically 7-8