Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 11 2016 - Page 4

NOTE WRITTEN BY Bürkert PHOTOGRAPHY BY Bürkert How the food & beverage industry can benefit from bespoke process control solutions Process control systems that are unique to the food and beverage industry can be used to deliver higher levels of efficiency and reliability. Mark Lilley, Field Segment Manager by the improvements to the process Improving the levels of automation .Hygienic - Food and Beverage for and the long-term cost benefits. within a process of any scale can Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, looks at the benefits of a bespoke control system, the features it should include and how to achieve the most effective Improved control and monitoring reduces wastage of expensive compounds, provides improved deliver improvements to maintenance costs, production costs, reliability and, most importantly, quality. solution. production reliability and also delivers With increased automation comes the the continuous data required to meet ability to collect more process data Modern food processing systems are regulatory standards. which is required for effective process under increasing pressure to improve efficiency and minimise the total cost of ownership, without compromising quality. As legacy equipment ages and processes change it can be more difficult to achieve the ideal control scenario. Very often, new investment is required but this has to be justified 4 FDPP - By making significant reductions in energy and raw materials costs, a management and traceability as well as meeting local hygiene standards. carefully designed production control While many process control systems system can deliver high quality will have several features and products using the most efficient components in common, the actual process. arrangement and interaction between them should be specific to an application for optimum performance.