Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 11 2016 - Page 20

“Hands up” if you worry that 1 in 6 touch screens carry E.Coli! …”but touch screens are used everywhere!!??”… …”I must come into contact with one at least a dozen times a week!”… In these days of increasing health Protection Plus+ is an excellent form of Every measure should be taken to reduce awareness, more and more people infection control in food environments, risk in public places and in the workplace. are showing concerns with regard to hospitals and medical practices. The multi- use screens, whether it be in a films can be used on touch screen supermarket, shop or bank. Most people EPOS systems in restaurants, bars, consider touch screens as a vehicle for supermarkets and stores: places where spreading germs therefore confronting food is sold and produced, reducing the this issue can only be a positive approach risk of contamination. S.M.T.L.), Bridgend. Proven to kill a Increased use of touch-screens as recognised as being a serious public Clear Diamond is a UK based manufacturer reception kiosks, check-ins and control health hazard, such as E-coli, MRSA and of high grade Anti- Bacterial polyester panels where large numbers of people are Pneumoniae. protection films for all makes and sizes of using the screens on a daily basis, requires screen and touch screen devices. that the screens are protected from to satisfy their anxieties. Specifically developed to provide high performance all-round screen protection for touch screen and LCD displays, Clear Diamond high performance anti-bacterial protection films have a proprietary hard coating that kills 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens. The hard coat incorporates pure metal Nano - technology which prevents bio-film colonization of the surface. The surface treatment will kill pathogens such as MRSA, E-coli and other virulent bacteria, greatly reducing the risk of crosscontamination. In recent years the risk of pandemics has increased greatly with different strains of Influenza and viruses such as Sars and the Corona virus. As a means of exogenous pathogen control, the films are ideal for prevention of HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection). Strains of bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to anti-biotics’ which is a serious public health issue. 20 FDPP - damage and the users are protected from infectious agents. The Clear Diamond protection films pass BS EN ISO 22196:2011 tested at the National Health Service Laboratory ( Surgical Materials Test Laboratory wide range of harmful bacteria that are