Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 11 2016 - Page 12

Movicon SCADA Helps Creamery Generate Power From Cheese Waste A new anaerobic digestion plant built of premium Cumbria cheddar from its of on-site treatment solutions for by Lake District Biogas at First Milk's creamery in Aspatria, Cumbria. the food and beverage sector. The Aspatria creamery site in Cumbria has been installed to generate biomethane. It is producing over £3m per year in cost savings, while supplying up to 25% of the creamery's energy requirements. Providing full control and visualisation of the system is a Movicon SCADA solution provided by Committed to minimising its environmental impact and lowering its energy requirements, First Milk has long had an aerobic plant at the Aspatria facility. However when the company faced the need to upgrade in order to reduce effluent treatment process takes feedstock from the creamery, comprising low strength wash waters such as process rinses, supplemented by cheese production residue. This liquid is pumped into the anaerobic digestion plant from the creamery where it is converted into biogas, which is stored in a gas dome Products4Automation. costs and lower its carbon footprint, it With four creameries around the site anaerobic digestion plant for its country, First Milk is the UK's only production residues. First Milk worked major dairy company owned by British with funding partners to set up Lake farming families. It supplies the retail, District Biogas to own and operate the A key consideration in the design of food service and milk markets with plant. the plant was the choice of control a wide range of dairy products and ingredients, including a number of regional cheeses. Most recently First Milk has launched the Lake District Cheese Company, producing a range 12 FDPP - investigated the potential for an on- The result of this was the installation of a brand new anaerobic digestion plant, designed and commissioned by Clearfleau, a leading British provider until it is required. It is then fed into a membrane based upgrade unit that removes carbon dioxide from the gas to produce bio-methane. system, and Clearfleau opted for the Movicon SCADA solution provided by Products4Automation (P4A), with the control and visualisation platform developed and installed