Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 8

Fluoropolymers in the Food & Drink Industry From Design Engineers and Production/ Protective FEP sleeves and films allow for Maintenance Managers through to maximum performance and efficiency of Quality Assurance Technicians, sourcing UV Disinfection lamps. We produce FEP high performance materials is critical. heat shrink sleeves to cover standard UV Fluoropolymers exhibit unique properties, bulbs to protect food from potential lamp setting them apart from the more ‘general breakage. Some food production lines purpose’ plastics and easily meet strict employ ‘in line’ UV treatment conveyor regulatory requirements within the zones where sheets of FEP are used to industry. Natural fluoropolymers are shield multi-lamp units. Our FLONFILMTM virgin materials, containing no additives 500 FEP film is available in thicknesses Monitoring and Analysis Instrumentation or other foreign ingredients and some key from 12 to 500μm with a standard width characteristics include: of 1220mm. Whether it’s an in-house Quality • No leachables or extractables • Inherently stable at high samples or a 3rd party testing laboratory involved in contract analysis, sourcing an effective fluid handling solution that temperatures • meets strict technical criteria whilst Virtually 100% inert to almost all producing highly accurate results within substances • tight operational budgets can be a Smooth, non-stick surfaces (self- challenge. cleaning) • Low gas diffusion/permeation • Effective UV transmission • FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 compliant Beverage Dispensing present a challenge to most polymeric leaching or contamination risk, such materials: intermittent high temperatures FDA conforming consumables are over a long period of time coupled with the usually required during maintenance of requirement for a biologically harmless, monitoring and analysis instrumentation. inert tubing product. Polyflon PTFE, FEP Polyflon’s range of inert, high purity tubing and PFA tubing represent a tried and in coils or ‘cut-to-length’, meet all industry tested, regulatory compliant solution. requirements cost-effectively whilst our tubing is greatly reduced due to Disinfection very smooth internal surfaces, leaving range of PVDF and PFA connectors, valves, flowmeters and manifolds used extensively in Ozone Generation equipment and Chlorine dosing water treatment plant. Polyflon PTFE, FEP, PFA and PVDF tubing and PTFE convoluted tubing are available to suit all types of fitting. 8 FDPP - and PVDF /PFA compression fittings and valves are the solution. With no Food & Drink Preparation, Preservation, Polyflon offer a comprehensive Polyflon PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing Hot beverage dispensing machines Build-up of internal residue within Unaffected by Ozone and Chlorine, Assurance Team testing production line the taste and aroma of the beverage unaffected, ensuring consistent quality. Our Pharmed®BPT and Norprene® peristaltic pump tube assemblies combine high performance, low maintenance and FDA conformance. To enable efficient re- retaining high-performance throughout continued testing. They’re also resistant to repeated cleaning cycles with aggressive fluids; making them sustainable and cost effective. For more information, contact our technical sales team on 01785 859 054 or email conditioning/maintenance of dispensing machines, we offer cut-to-length tubing to customer specification for easy fitting. TygonTM, Norprene® and Pharmed® are Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Registered Trademarks