Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 44

Polyurea technology - The toughest and most durable protective coating for the food manufacturing industry The latest Polyurea protective coating creates a high-strength, waterproof, flexible, seamless membrane. It provides a durable surface that can withstand repeated power washing and is resistant to many chemicals. Fast cure time allows return to service within hours. • Protect surfaces in food processing plants and facilities • Durable interior lining for food and beverage storage tanks • Non-slip surface for floors, walkways and loading areas. Polyurea technology has a far longer service life than many traditional coatings. It can be applied at a range of temperatures. It has higher elongation, greater flexibility and wont crack or peel like traditional coatings. It contains no VOCs, solvents. CSC Services are a specialist contractor providing high performance cleaning, repairs and specialist coatings. A range of resin flooring products are also available. Visit Ty-Rap® Detactable fastening solutions Designed to perform in food & beverage Absolutely. Ty-Rap ® detectable cable ties help mitigate contamination risks in the food & beverage sector. The Ty-Rap ® detectable cable ties from ABB incorporate a unique compound (patent pending) that can be detected by X-Ray equipment, metal detectors and visual inspection equipment. By specifying the Ty-Rap ® detectable cable ties and accessories of ABB for your plant you help reducing the risk of product contamination. Tel. +44 (0) 333 999 9900 Fax. +44 (0) 333 999 9901 E-mail: lv.enquiries @ 44 FDPP -