Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 38

Enhanced Choice With New Size Pe Food Container RPC Sæplast is introducing a third size container can be personalised with construction that lasts up to seven into one of its top-selling PE reusable company logos and can incorporate times longer than single wall versions, plastic container ranges for food tracking options such as a barcode, while offering easier and safer processing. QR code or RFID technology. handling for users. The new 750 litre container sits The RPC Sæplast PE range is The one-piece container is easy to between the existing 630 and produced in 100% food grade clean and maintain. The solid inner 875 litre sizes to offer customers polyethylene and is particularly core prevents absorption of liquid, additional choice and flexibility in suitable for supply chain handling and the avoidance of easily broken food transportation and storage. It is in the meat and animal by-products joints and hard to clean crevasses available in a variety of colours, with industries. Its one-piece, seamless eliminates the danger of harmful or without a drain plug, and can also triple wall design and closed cell bacterial growth for maximum be specified with a lid. In addition, the core offers a rugged and reliable hygiene. WRITTEN BY Saeplast Saeplast SÆPLAST is a world leader in the design and production of doublewalled, insulated tubs and three-layer, specially strengthened PE tubs and palettes for use in manufacture of food products and in the recycling industry. 38 FDPP -