Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 36

The long history of PCM in dosing and filling for the food industries To dose accurately the most varied food DosysTM pumps are designed to handle ingredients and to fill containers of any liquid, semi-solid and viscous products. kind to ever higher rates are skills that The dosing volume can be easily adjusted PCM has been excelling in for more than by simply increasing or decreasing the 80 years. Our machines are used by food piston movement. PCM Filling Pumps And Systems With PCM filling solutions it is possible to fill, layer and inject a wide range of products using the same system. manufacturing companies around the All PCM filling systems are designed to world. provide maximum volumetric flexibility. In other words, not only can you fill The applications are numerous. We have containers of all shapes and sizes, but you identified no less than fifty food products, can also vary the filling volume from one among which we find milk, yoghurt, fruit, cycle to the next. sauces, cheeses, vegetables, chocolate, caramel or oils. PCM systems have been DosysTM pumps enable an unrivaled Versatility extends to its compatibility installed in more than 70 countries to more level of control and cleanability (CIP/ with a multitude of filling ingredients, than 400 different companies, among SIP) with no dismantling or the need for from liquid flavourings to viscous jams, which we find the most prestigious and complicated bypass systems. from sticky toffee to semi-solid sauces. Finally, PCM filling systems integrate easily demanding ones in terms of productivity PCM Dosymix™ Inline Dynamic Mixer and quality. The PCM dosing and filling systems, by integrating transfer, dosing, mixing and filling functions, have managed to bring to their users the dosing accuracy, speed of execution, respect of the ingredients and compliance with hygienic standards required by processes increasingly The choice of dynamic mixer is recommended for applications with fragile and sensitive ingredients containing solids or fibers. As it mixes products through progressive contact rather than shearing, the Dosymix™ is particularly suitable for use with fragile products such as fruit. demanding and requiring flexibility and Its low mixing volume also means that adaptability. it’s ideal for the addition of time-sensitive Never waste a drop with the Dosys products, and although this industrial food metering pump mixer is powerful, its low volume operation TM Besides giving a very accurate on-demand dosing of the ingredients, the DosysTM pumps can meter the ingredients with precision, thanks to the servo-driven piston and a patented flow-control valve. 36 FDPP - reduces product loss both during the process and at the end