Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 21

NOTE WRITTEN BY Burket PHOTOGRAPHY BY Burket Pulsed Light Processing Work is ongoing to develop this technology within the food industry. Pulsed light processing can offer a significant extension to shelf life for products which would normally have a very short shelf life and are susceptible to mould growth, such as Over 100 applications are now in use As food preservation technology industrially – mainly for packaging advances so the process control decontamination. Much greater infrastructure needs to keep pace and inactivation can be achieved on continue to deliver improvements in smooth surfaces such as packaging. hygiene and efficiency. Pulsed Electric Fields Furthermore the increases in the This technology can be applied to baked goods. liquid products which are pumped Using a surface treatment can deliver mildly elevated temperatures and a modest reduction in microbial then cooled rapidly. The process numbers which is sufficient to offer kills bacteria, yeasts and moulds considerable improvements in shelf while retaining the freshness, taste, life. vitamins and colour of the food through a pulsed electric field at product. Precise control improves efficiency Clearly, the control of the temperature, pressure and flow of the product needs to be carefully maintained in order to offer a amount of information available from local devices can improve the feedback for control loops and provide better information for increasingly sophisticated plant visualisation, management and reporting software. As the research and development of new food processing techniques continues, so Bürkert maintains its own development of fluid control systems, offering its expertise to promote an integrated approach that will ensure compatibility with existing production facilities. consistent, high quality, final product for the consumer. Bürkert has provided a range of control and monitoring systems which are specifically designed to meet this Burket Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is one of specification and also ensure that the leading manufacturers of control and the necessary standards in process measuring systems for fluids and gases. data collection are met. FDPP - 21