Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 14

AGC Map-Pak Analysers leading the way in Modified Atmosphere Packaging Quality Control One of the main concerns for food The Map-Pak range can also be used and measure the headspace gas. processing companies around the to test and check the gas mixtures This is achieved by puncturing the world is to reduce costs whilst at source from gas cylinders or packaging with the needle from the maintaining their high quality control other sources using the innovative Map-Pak analyser which will then standards. and low cost Map-Pak Calibration draw a sample and analyse the gas Interface. There are varying company components in the pack. AGC Instruments is an advocate of handheld analysers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to achieve the most efficient and cost effective quality assurance. When using MAP, there are two main issues which are the packaging seal integrity and accurate gas mixtures. If the seal integrity is sufficient, the gas mixture should be accurate. Therefore, AGC Instruments developed the Map-Pak range of gas analysers for the food industry to validate these two interlinked requirements for successful MAP quality control. 14 FDPP - policies and audit requirements but typically the quality assurance team in a food manufacturing facility will remove a package at regular intervals The Map-Pak Gas Analysers were developed to satisfy three key provisions: speed, accuracy and verification.