Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 10 2016 - Page 11

ROCOL® ROCOL is part of ITW, a multi-national US owned, Fortune 150 company. We develop, manufacture and market technically advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems to industries worldwide. By using the finest food-grade deliver tangible improvements to It starts with a survey that includes base oils, including synthetics, processors that improve the bottom lubricant, frequency and application renewable oils and silicones, as well line. methods for each asset, which as treatment with the most effective anti-oxidants and additives to address specific applications, the complex The other strand includes examining new ways to help processors safely is compatible with TPM and lean manufacturing techniques. apply FOODLUBE products – the From this, performance measures are packaging options for food-grade set to monitor and report every single accommodated. lubricants and how risk can be application and any training needs are engineered out of the packaging itself. identified - all backed with technical ROCOL ensures this balance of safety ROCOL’s introduction of DETEX® support and lubrication consultancy. and performance as part of its dual metal detectable caps and actuators innovation strategy. This combines on all grease cartridges and aerosols proactive identification of new illustrates this. lubrication management programme These help maintenance engineers in operational efficiency, with full audit food processing environments reduce compliance regarding lubrication application risks. the risk of plastic contamination, and the bottom line benefits of representing a vital step in rationalised lubricant usage. The development of FOODLUBE XT maintaining operational safety at a Chain Fluid illustrates the first strand. consistently high level – even more The product was developed to help so when part of a comprehensive bakeries and other industrial chain lubrication management programme, operators minimise the problem of such as ROCOLcare®. needs of the processing industry, ROCOLcare assesses every dimension with how lubricants are supplied, of the production area, from stored and applied, helps us assure application frequency and techniques processors that we can protect their to signage and training. brands ever more effectively. demands of today’s food, drink and clean industries can be comfortably formulations to overcome current and emerging production challenges, with practical solutions to minimise messy black deposits building up in high-temperature applications, whilst keeping maintenance products NSF H1 food-grade. Customer feedback demonstrated that products like this The result of implementing a is an agreed roadmap to increased This combination of formulating and manufacturing a wide range of foodgrade solutions to meet the complex backed by practical assistance FDPP - 11