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— Anyone can be affected by homelessness, even people you might not expect. It could be affecting someone close to you without you being aware. This improvisation activity explores possible ways of raising this sensitive subject with someone in your life, and the potential impacts that helping or avoiding the issue could have. — Activity To help or not to help? 2 The performers improvise a scene in which they each try to convince the other that their way of "helping" Imogen is the best. The scene ends when one character changes their mind, or the conversation breaks down. 3 Discuss what tactics were employed by each character to try and win— over the other. Were they convincing for an audience? Reflect on the potential effects of the solutions that were proposed, and whether you believe they would have been helpful to Imogen. 1 Two performers, A and B, improvise a short scene according to the following scenario. — Variation What are you not telling me? The scenario: The performers are discussing their friend, Imogen, who is the same age as them. Imogen is living in an overcrowded dwelling. It is difficult in the share house and there is no adult taking care of her. She has been missing school and assignments, sneaking away at lunch time to shower in the gym and rarely has a proper packed lunch. She doesn’t like to talk about her living situation, even to her good friends, and tries everything she can to hide it from the world. 1 Play out the scene as above, but with one difference: Imogen has opened— up to A about her situation and made them promise not to tell anyone. B has sensed that something’s up with Imogen and wants A’s help to get to the bottom of it. B tries to convince A to get involved and A tries to keep Imogen’s secret. A strongly believes that they should intervene in some direct way, while B is convinced they should let Imogen figure things out for herself. Both honestly have Imogen’s best interests at heart. 2 The scene ends when A agrees to help B without giving up Imogen’s secret, or A gives the secret away. 3 Discuss the consequences of acting or not in this situation, and consider the ethical implications faced by each character.