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— Activity Collaborative Storytelling 1 Nominate one person to be the Facilitator, the rest of the group stand in a circle. The objective of this activity is to craft one continuous narrative that follows the story of a young person who becomes homeless. The Facilitator’s role is to introduce complications into the story, while successive players propose ways of overcoming them and moving the story along. The game follows the following sequence. First the Facilitator establishes the scene. — Facilitator “You find yourself on the street. You have the clothes on your back and the items in your bag and nothing else. You cannot go home.” Player 1 “So… I call my friend to ask if I can crash at their place.” Facilitator “But… Your phone runs out of charge so you can’t call your friend.” Player 2 “So… I go to their house to ask them in person.” Facilitator “But… You don’t have a driver’s licence or any money for public transport. 2 Repeat the But/So structure until each player has had a turn, or continue until the story has been resolved. Discuss how relatable you found the character’s journey and reflect on the outcomes of their decisions. A note for the Facilitator To ensure the group’s story stays grounded in the realities of youth homelessness, consider the following themes as inspiration for the complications you introduce into the story: Safety (e.g. You are frightened to go back to the shelter because of someone who stays there) Accomodation (e.g. You are asked to leave emergency accomodation without any other long-term solution) Social (e.g. You can’t afford to go out with your friends) Health (e.g. You get sick and can’t easily access health care) Education (e.g. You are falling behind at school) Employment (e.g. You don’t have clothes for a job interview) Logistics (e.g. You aren’t able to top—up your Opal Card, charge your phone or wash your clothes.)