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— Pathways in and out of homelessness Becoming homeless is rarely, if ever, a choice. The main reasons young people aged 15—24 become homeless are: 37% Housing crisis: Lack of access to affordable housing. 25% Domestic and family violence: Forced out of home over fears for their safety. 15% Inadequate/inappropriate dwelling conditions: Vacating housing that is not suitable for habitation or is overcrowded. 13% Relationship/family breakdown: Family supports have eroded to the point that staying at home is no longer an option. 11% financial difficulties: Lack of financial or other resources that would enable them to secure a place to live. — Homelessness affects young people in many different ways, not all of which are immediately noticeable by the people around them. Without a home to go to, young homeless people face difficult decisions about how to get by, and the path forward is often not immediately clear. — Image Photographer Luke Stambouliah Art Director Justin Stambouliah Talent Sofia Nolan The following activity encourages players to imaginatively engage with the struggles faced by a young homeless person and challenges the ensemble to work together to tell a story collaboratively. →