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— How to use this resource — Curriculum Connections This resource has been created for teachers and students to facilitate informed and productive conversations around youth homelessness. Stage Subject Outcome 5 Drama 5.3.1 5.3.2 Inside you’ll find dramatic activities designed to help participants engage imaginatively with the themes of Follow Me Home and the experiences of its characters. Interspersed throughout the activities you’ll also find statistics that paint a picture of the state of youth homelessness in Australia today, which could be the focus of further discussion and independent research. — Audience Advice Follow Me Home depicts young people living with the realities of homelessness. These stories explore themes of: — — domestic and family violence, — — physical abuse and neglect, — — drug use, — — mental Illness, — — references to suicide, — — references to sexual abuse. If you have been affected by any of the themes in Follow Me Home, help is available. Go to the back of this pack for a list of relevant services. Follow Me Home contains coarse language. — Image Photographer Luke Stambouliah Art Director Justin Stambouliah Talent Jasper Lee—Lindsay English EN5–5C EN5–7D EN5–8D 6 Drama H3.4 Australian Drama and Theatre English EN11–5 EN11–7 EN11–8 EA11–5 EA11–7 EA11–8 EN12–5 EN12–7 EN12–8 EA12–5 EA12–7 EA12–8