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— Stigma and status Young people who become homeless often face social stigma and isolation. They also frequently grapple with feelings of inadequacy and being looked down upon by society. These games provide a safe framework within which to imaginatively explore these themes. — Activity Status walk 1 Nominate one person to be the Facilitator. The remaining players begin walking around the room in a neutral fashion. Players may make eye contact as they pass each other, but may not interact in any other way. 2 The Facilitator chooses one player at a time to become ‘low status’ by calling their name. That player transforms their movement to show that they are now of a lower status than the rest of the group. They are free to interpret this direction however they wish. 3 The Facilitator gives each player the opportunity to inhabit the low status position before moving onto the next. The activity ends when each player has had a turn. 4 Discuss how it felt to be of lower status than the rest of the group. How did it affect your self-image and your relationships with people you passed? How did your body change? — Extention activity The golden thread 1 Nominate one person to be the Facilitator and divide the remaining players into players and audience. players form pairs (A and B) and stand across the room facing their partners. 2 A and B imagine an invisible track between them. For now, they may only move forwards and backwards along this track. Next, both A and B imagine they are also connected by a golden coil that contracts when they move closer together and stretches as they move apart. Without speaking, players experiment with moving together, imagining the golden coil connecting them. Players should try using different pace and movement, but avoid creating characters or a defined relationship. 3 The Facilitator now secretly assigns each person conflicting intentions (i.e. A loves B, but B wants to avoid A). Players may now leave their track, but remain connected by the golden coil. Without speaking, they attempt to achieve their respective goals as they move freely around the space. The activity ends when either player succeeds in achieving their goal. 4 Reflect on the nature of the connection between partners: how did it feel? How was your physicality affected? Discuss the ways players demonstrated their intentions through movement and how these were interpreted by the audience.